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All press on nails are made by hand. We offer an variety of colors, Designs/charms, lengths, & nail shapes. All nails are freestyled‼️ To submit your order request You can contact us via email- or send a message via chat icon on our website at the bottom right of the screen. Once the order is confirmed, the processing time begins. Allow 5-7 days for set to be complete. If you need your order to be expedited, please include that in request and an additional $15 charge will be added to total.

Please include these details when ordering a set!

💅 Nail Size:

📍Watch video linked below for nail measurement instructions- you may have to copy and paste link to watch it‼️

📍Please list nail sizes:

Thumb -

Pointer -

Middle -

Ring -

Pinky -

💅 Nail color

💅 Nail length: Short, Medium, Long

💅 Nail Shape: Coffin, Square, Oval, Stiletto, Ducktail

💅 Nail Theme/Special Event-Optional

💅 How many designs

📍none $20

📍1-5 $25

📍6-10 $30

📍Additional $15 for Expedited Orders

What's included in Nail kit:

• fingernail file

• a reusuable cuticle pusher

• nail glue

• magnetic box to store nails

• Velvet Accessorize Meh bag to keep all nail care essential products in



Press on Nails/Ordering Info Below/Please Read‼️

  • After an order is submitted, processing begins and the order cannot be canceled. If there are questions about canceling an order, please contact us via email.

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